LinkedIn Launched ‘Students’ App Helping Them To Find A Job

Apr 21, 2016 624
Published in Technology

The app called LinkedIn Students, aims to provide an answer to the daunting question of “What do I do with my major?”. 

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This is a question that many undergraduate and graduate students are asking themselves. In three simple steps, users can find some useful recommendations regarding their career. Firstly, LinkedIn Students asks users to input their university, then the area of their major, and then their expected graduation date.


Based on these three factors, LinkedIn Students comes up with a list of of suggested companies and job titles that could provide direction, along with information on university alumni who work for these companies. This way, prospective candidates can start building their professional network and connections from scratch. Moreover, for students who are already using LinkedIn as a platform, there’s the option to sign in with their existing account. Then, their results are populated based on the information they have on their profile.